Chantal Pradines

Ingénieur Centrale Paris


You have all the material (various data, a pile of documents, site reports, photos, maps etc).


From any document – whether technical or narrative , I extract the pertinent information, compile it and produce case studies for sales brochures, trade magazines, in-house newsletters, exhibition catalogues etc


As in my translation work, when copy-writing technical texts I build in value by drawing on my knowledge as an engineer, which I keep constantly up to date, coupled with my ability to understand even the most abstruse reasoning. I do the work myself and it carries my signature.


In addition, as an expert on landscape and road infrastructure issues, I am the author of 50 or more publications and several official reports.


Chantal Pradines Ingénieur Centrale Paris

4 rue Morée F 88350 Trampot

Tél : +33 (0)3 29 06 78 50