Chantal Pradines

Ingénieur Centrale Paris


  • The principle: “smart summaries” are all about saving you time

- by distilling information to give you the facts you need and

- presenting them in the most user-friendly format.

  • A modular approach: “smart summaries” are tailored to your evolving needs, throughout the process

- finding the answer to a specific question or picking out all the nuggets of information embedded in the text

- processing several documents at once (a comparative analysis).

  • A practical format

- a stripped down, unadorned style

- information is presented in a strictly hierarchical sequence so the reasoning can be easily followed

  • Method

- a summary done by me and signed by me

- drawing on my engineering expertise, which I am constantly reinforcing and extending

- the ability to understand even the most abstruse reasoning


Chantal Pradines Ingénieur Centrale Paris

4 rue Morée F 88350 Trampot

Tél : +33 (0)3 29 06 78 50